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Mitsubishi OCA Glue For Iphone 7
Mitsubishi OCA Glue For Iphone 7

Mitsubishi OCA Glue For Iphone 7

Item Description

1.This 0.25mm thickness OCA can stick iPhone 6 plus lcd and touch panel

2.The OCA is necessary for refurbishing cell phone LCD screens, After you removed the broken glass, put the OCA on the lcd display and with a new glass. Please note: UV glue is not good as OCA because UV glue is liquid which may easy cause bubbles

3.The OCA tape film is a highly-specialized film that offers excellent clarity and adhesion to various types of transparent substrates. OCA tapes are applied in transparent applications, such as in displays, touch panels and other devices requiring an optically clear bond

4.Highly recommend professional installation

OCA Optically Clear Adhesives will make an electronic display with accurate color and full display brightness. These free-film isotropic adhesives are formulated specifically for transparent applications where the greatest advantage is not being seen.

Optically Clear Adhesives (OCA) are highly specialized optically clear free-film adhesives offering superior clarity and excellent adhesion to various types of transparent substrates. OCA are easy to convert and are contaminant-free,resulting in improved bubble resistance in laminations exposed to high temperature and high humidity. Common applications include displays, touch panels and others requiring an optically clear bond.

Features and benefits include:

Crystal clarity

(1)99% light transmission, when corrected for reflection losses
(2) < 1% haze level
(3)  birefringence-free, without film carrier
(4)  1.47 refractive index,High temperature, humidity, and UV resistance
(5)  Designed and manufactured to eliminate common adhesive visual defects including bubbles, dirt and gels
Durable adhesion

(1)  High cohesive and peel strengths for reliably bonding most transparent film substrates to glass
(2) High temperature, humidity, and UV light resistance
(3) Long-term durability without yellowing, delaminating, or degrading
(1) Use for bonding film and glass laminates to touch screens
(2)  Ideal for transparent graphic overlays, projection screens, and displays
(3)  Optical management films for LCD

OCA film tape optically clear adhesive sealant glue for LCD assemble repair refurbish renew rework

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