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KN6.2 UV OCA for iphone 7

KN6.2 UV OCA for iphone 7

KN6.2 UV OCA for iphone 7

The new KN6.2 OCA optical adhesive (UV semi-cured), the market has gradually been known as a LOCA and OCA combination, it has the advantages of both adhesive material, and thus improve their own shortcomings, namely liquid LOCA Filling plastic optics, completely solve the problem of bubbles and late rally produced OCA fit. There are more solid OCA optical glue stick together, workability. Excludes LOCA liquid optical adhesive glue overflow problem, eliminating the eraser processes.

 KN6.2OCA optical adhesive specific advantages summarized as follows:

1. To prevent the emergence of bubbles

2. improve the adsorption capacity of the ink gap

3. To prevent LCM-MURA

4. Easy to rework
 OCA optical adhesive prepreg KN6.2UV optimal storage conditions (reference):

1. Model: KN6.2OCA optical double-sided tape

2. Temperature: 15 ℃ ± 10 ℃, proposals received after the finished goods OCA optical glue sealed packaging stored in the refrigerator fresh. Normal temperature is 0 ℃ -5 ℃.

3. Humidity: 50% relative humidity.

4. Packing: black or opaque plastic bag.

5. The OCA optical plastic flat on the box and avoid direct UV source (such as lighting, sunlight), to avoid distortion, unless otherwise stated on the packaging.

6. Shelf life: 12 months

KN6.2OCA optical adhesive is used as follows:
1. About fit: KN6.2OCA adhesive bonding method with the ordinary way as OCA dry stickers

2. defoaming Data Reference: Temperature: 30 ℃ Pressure: 4-5KG Time: 15 minutes

3. UV curing reference:
  If there is a UV lamp, after the paste Hao defoaming, after 15 seconds under UV light irradiation can be cured; without UV lamp, usually in the ordinary fluorescent light, quiet place 6 hours can be naturally cured.

4. After UV curing benefits: prevent air bubbles rebound.

5. With regard to the unused KN6.2OCA optical glue, to re-use a black or opaque plastic bags packaging, the OCA optical plastic flat on the box and away from direct UV source (such as lighting, sunlight), avoid deformation, can also be placed in the refrigerator IQF frozen before use, acquire them 30 minutes in advance.

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