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iphone 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

iphone 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector



iphone 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector


1. Slimmer: 0.3mm thick glass screen protector with specially processed and chemically treated.
2. WholeTransparency: Chemically treated and specially processed to have a transparent tempered glass.
3. Surface hardness 8~9H: The surface of the glass protector has a hardness three times stronger
    than regular PET film.  Even shard objects such as knives and keys will not scratch it.
4. Oleophobic Coating: Film has an oleophobic coating,
    that prevents finger prints and other contaminants and alsoeasy to clean.
5. DelicateTouch: Film is coated on the back with a strong silicon adhesive, which makes installation easy
    and attaches the film firmly so as to not affect the touch screens sensitivity.
6. Anti-Shatter Film:   FILM will breaks into small pieces not sharped making it safer than other glass products.


1. Before beginning, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and wipe your screen with the microfiber cloth.
2. Peel the protective layer off the adhesive side.
3. Carefully align the GLAS.t R and the cutouts to the screen and slowly begin the application process.
4. Press center of the GLAS.t R lightly as the direction of the arrow (only a minimum amount of pressure is necessary).
Then adhesive part spread to over all smoothly. The film adhesive properties allow the GLAS.t R to stick onto your screen.
5. If air bubbles get trapped under the GLAS.t R, use the squeegee to remove them, beginning form the center.
6. Smaller bubbles should disappear within 1-2 days.

1.  When removing for reuse the adhesive properties might wear off to anextent where the screen protector
     will not adhere to the device. It is not recommended to reuse the FILM once its been applied.
2. Using excessive force when installing or removing the screen protector may damage the product.

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